Spiked Apple Pecan Pie

One of the things I am the most thankful for are the few days off we get for Thanksgiving. It just feels like it comes at a much needed time- you know, before that 2 week break we get at Christmas. #perksofbeingateacher (Can I hashtag on here?) I decided I needed to actually give myself a “break” this break though, and so I only baked for my family this Thanksgiving. No traveling, minimal obligations…it was awesome. It actually gave me time to enjoy all the things I’m thankful for this year.

Freezing our tailfeathers off at this year's Turkey Trot
Freezing our tailfeathers off at this year’s Turkey Trot

Things I am Thankful For: (I like lists, okay?)

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with all of my family
  • My brother passing the bar
  • My sister’s new job
  • Having friends and family that are goal-oriented and encourage each other to achieve their goals
  • Having a job that challenges me to learn more and not just settle

And last, but not least, I am thankful that I can now openly listen to Christmas music. I am one of those people. No apologies.

I did mention I baked for my family this Thanksgiving. One staple at our family holiday dinners is Buttermilk Pie. It doesn’t matter what else I bake, I can guarantee you the buttermilk pie will be the first to go. One pie is not enough for our family though, so the second pie/dessert is usually a random pick. This year I went with an Apple Pecan Pie. My dad had acquired this Pecan Praline Liquor from somewhere, so I decided to spike the pie with it. I don’t know how you would actually drink Praline Liquor, but it’s perfect for baking. I don’t have much experience with pies and this is for two reasons. 1) I always make buttermilk pie and 2) If not buttermilk pie, then cupcakes. So I looked over to the Pioneer Woman for a recipe this time. I found what I was looking for pretty quickly- her Apple Pecan Pie.

Rolling out the homemade crust
Rolling out the homemade crust
Spiked Apples
Spiked Apples

The only change I made was I held back a little on the lemon juice and added the Praline Liquor. I also didn’t drizzle caramel over the top, but that sounds amazing so you should probably try that.

Spiked Apple Pecan Pie
Spiked Apple Pecan Pie

I have several neat projects coming up in December that I can’t wait to share with you!


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