Toy Story Cupcakes

The past couple of months I have gone back and forth between starting a website or just maintaining this blog. Well I finally made the leap and created last weekend. If you feel like drooling over some cupcakes, hop on over there to check it out! I will still be posting weekly recipes and the projects I’m working on here.

In other news, BSpears is BACK with “Work Bitch”. Yes, I am a fan and yes, I am excited for her new cd. Gotta have good music to dance around to while baking!

Toy Story Alien
Toy Story Alien

This week’s project were Toy Story cupcakes. These were for a boy’s 1st birthday party and they asked for the aliens in Toy Story. I went back and forth on what to do, and finally decided gumpaste would look much cuter and neater than anything I could do freehand. I anticipated cutting and “gluing” the gumpaste taking me forever, but I was actually able to use a cookie cutter to cut most of the shapes.

Coloring Gumpaste

This is messy. No way around that. I have an old school Tupperware mat that I use when working with gumpaste or fondant. Use a toothpick to get whatever color gel you’re using, and stick it in the center of your gumpaste. Grease your hands with shortening and start kneading the gumpaste. Try and fold the gel to the inside of the gumpaste instead of immediately rubbing it all over your hands. The shortening is to keep the gel from dyeing your hands (although it will still stain, just not as bad). I made 3 colors- blue, purple, and green.

Rolling and Cutting Gumpaste

First I rolled out the blue gumpaste to cut out circles for the base. I have a little pouch made of cheesecloth that contains a mixture of cornstarch and powdered sugar. I use it to powder the mat and rolling pin to keep the gumpaste from sticking. I cut out several blue circles with a medium sized circle cookie cutter. Next I made the alien’s “collar”, still using the cookie cutter. I would cut a purple circle, then place the edge of the cookie cutter a fraction of an inch away. I used a knife to cut the length of the collar. Using the cookie cutter ensured it would align perfectly on the base.

Gumpaste Base and Collar
Gumpaste Base and Collar

Next, I cut out green circles for the actual alien using the same cookie cutter (once again allowing for all the pieces to line up together). Every circle made TWO aliens. TO make the head, lay one circle in front of you and create a “venn diagram” with the circle and the cookie cutter. It overlaps in the center creating a pointy football shape, or in our case, an alien head. Repeat on the other side of the circle. I used the rest of the circle to cut ears and an antennae. Wilton has candy eyeballs and I glued those on top. Carve a smile with a small knife and you are done!

Gluing Gumpaste

Gumpaste “glue” has to be made ahead of time. It’s extremely simple though. Take a piece of gumpaste, a tiny piece, and place it in a small container. Fill with water and let the gumpaste dissolve. That’s it! I used an old spice container for mine and that size was perfect. Use a paintbrush to brush the “glue” on to the gumpaste and then press together.

I placed the aliens on top of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Gumpaste is definitely edible, although the cupcake tastes much better!

Toy Story Cupcakes
Toy Story Cupcakes

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