Labor Day Weekend Wedding

Last week was a whirl wind and I’m still not quite sure how I did it. It was the first week of school and I was baking for a wedding the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. It’s okay, I know I have a few bolts loose. This was my seventh wedding to bake for in some capacity- seventh! At first I was only helping out good friends that were getting married and at some point it snowballed. Part of this is due to the amazing replica my friends made of Kyle Field (the football stadium at Texas A&M for all of you non-Aggies). This post is mainly going to be pictures, but as I was preparing for this wedding I did realize I had several check points/strategies that helped me get everything done without having a breakdown.

  • Get ALL supplies ahead of time. This includes wrappers, containers to transport, cake toppers, decorations, and ingredients. The more you can have ready pre-baking, the better. The last thing you want to do is be in the middle of baking and have to run to the store. Walk through each recipe to make sure you have everything- sometimes things like vanilla will slip our minds.
  • Figure out a baking schedule and STICK. TO. IT. I divided everything thing over 5 days (since I was doing cake balls I could start that early). I knew if I stayed on schedule everything would get done.
  • Be efficient. If you’re waiting for cupcakes to bake or cool, start the next batch or start on frosting. Start on washing dishes. Frost one batch while another is baking. Just don’t waste 20 minutes because cupcakes are in the oven.
  • Know what you are doing for transport. This is easy to forget since it doesn’t involve baking, but transport and set up are so much more stressful than the actual baking (to me anyways).

All of that being said, everything went smoothly! Here are some pictures from the baking prep and the actual set up at the wedding. Enjoy!

First time to use a processor instead of hand crushing Oreos....MAJOR time saver!!
First time to use a processor instead of hand crushing Oreos….MAJOR time saver!!
Ready to dip some Italian Cream Cake Balls
Ready to dip some Italian Cream Cake Balls
Flavors: Strawberry, vanilla, snickerdoodle, chocolate with peanut butter
Flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate with Peanut Butter
The cake for the cake cutting
The cake for the cake cutting
Split stadium- A&M vs. Stanford!
Split stadium- A&M vs. Stanford!
"Jumbotron" that played a slideshow of the couple
“Jumbotron” that played a slideshow of the couple
Personalized scoreboards
Personalized scoreboards
It even has working lights!
It even has working lights!
Kyle Field
Kyle Field
And they're married!
And they’re married!

8 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Wedding

  1. Hahaa, that little football stadium is awesome! Love the different colour cake balls. You did a fantastic job! Love the baking prep tips too… I often bake for personal events and for friends’ parties (only one wedding so far!) and I definitely agree that time management and extra organisation are paramount. You look like you’ve become a streamlined baking machine!!! šŸ˜‰ Lovely post x

  2. I know I’m commenting on an old post- but I just discovered your blog and that stadium cake is AMAZING. I love it so much. You’ve inspired me to do something similar for my own wedding some day but with a baseball stadium. Keep baking- you’re great.

  3. Howdy,

    I am getting married later this year and am in need of a Kyle Field cake ball stand like the one your company made, I saw it on pintrest.

    Do you have any plans or a design of how it was built that you could share with me? Or would you be willing to sell it, or rent it?

    Thank you !

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