Bachelorette Party Cake

Disclaimer: I started writing this post last weekend and just got around to finishing it today. Instead of changing what I wrote…you got this disclaimer.

This was officially my last week of summer before I head back to work on Monday, and I spent a good part of it baking. I really know how to live it up. But one of my orders was a bachelorette cake and it seemed like a fun order. Out of the 5+ bachelorettes I’ve had to plan/attend in the past year, I never had to make a corset cake. So of course when I was asked if I could do one, I said sure. I was given a couple of pictures to go off of, and was told the colors were “neon”. I like neon (that may or may not be how I decorated my classroom this year).

First thing to do was bake the cake. They wanted red velvet, so I made a rectangular red velvet cake. I usually bake cakes that need to be cut into a shape a day earlier than I normally would. This is because I freeze the cake after baking. Wrap it up in several layers of saran wrap and stick it in the freezer. Sometimes this requires some creative rearranging of my freezer. I leave the cake in there overnight and finish it the next day.

It makes me happy when a cake rises so evenly.
It makes me happy when a cake rises so evenly.

I draw out the design on paper before I take a knife to the cake. If it’s a little more complicated, I’ll draw it out on cardboard and then cut out the shape. Then you have a stencil to use. This was a pretty simple design, so I just did it freehand.

Step 1: Done.
Step 1: Done.

That’s the hardest step! All that’s left is icing on the cake. Pun intended. Make sure to brush away all excess crumbs before you start frosting.

Step 2: Frost entire cake.
Step 2: Frost entire cake.

For the rest of the decorating, I just went off one of the pictures she sent me and made up whatever I thought looked good. This is where all those years of note taking doodles come in handy…I can’t tell you how many swirls I’ve drawn over the years. I had some sprinkles that looked like pearls and used those to accent the frosting design.

Bachelorette Cake
Step 3: Add details.
Bachelorette Cake
Step 4: Admire and eat cake.

Odd how the pink looks a different shade in each picture. But I assure you, it was bright (first picture is probably the most accurate). This cake was definitely fun to make!


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