Baking for a Wedding

I am REALLY slacking on posts here. Actually I just missed last week, for which I have a semi-decent excuse. This past week I was baking for a wedding. This totaled out to 300+ cupcakes, a cake for the couple to cut into, and a groom’s cake. Needless to say…I spent a good 72 hours baking. Normally I would have at least one good freak out pop up in there, but I somehow managed to get it all done without a covered-in-frosting-meltdown. Even when this happened.

Worst nightmare.
Worst nightmare.

I think I might have been in denial that there was a chance I’d have to bake another cake. Flipping large cakes out of the pan gives me a heart attack. Every time. Mainly because this can happen. However, I fixed it and no one ever knew the difference (Until now.) This was the final product- a duck hunting themed cake. They had fun with the duck call after cutting it at the reception. For those of you who don’t watch Duck Dynasty, “Happy, happy, happy” is a quote from that show that the bride thought of to write on the cake.

Groom's Cake
Groom’s Cake

For the bride’s “cake”, we did four flavors of cupcakes. The bride happened to be one of my friends and also one of my main taste testers. The original list of flavors she gave me was about eight flavors long and I had to tell her to cut it back. We settled on strawberry, brown sugar pound cake, red velvet, and chocolate- covering her favorites, crowd favorites, and chocolate since the groom’s cake was funfetti (his favorite.) I also made a smaller cake for them to cut into- can’t skip that tradition! Cutting into a cupcake just isn’t very exciting.


Bride's Cake Bride's Cake Bride's Cake

I loved getting to be a part of this couple’s wedding. Seeing happy customers makes me happy, and this picture pretty much says it all!

She stole a cupcake before the ceremony even started.
She stole a cupcake before the ceremony even started.

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