Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes and Cookies

This past week I had the opportunity to see Pitbull at the rodeo. If you’re thinking that’s an interesting combination, you are correct. However we had free tickets and we figured it would be fun so we went. And it was so much fun! It was probably the most energetic one I’ve been to (still love my country artists). People danced the entire time (including us), and we pretended like we knew what he was saying when he spoke in Spanish. I finally googled “Dale” because he says it in EVERY song. Apparently it’s slang for “let’s go” or “do it”. Spanish lesson for the day.

I started utilizing Instagram this week. Still figuring it out, but you can follow me at TheSassyApron. Don’t worry, it’s all pictures from baking experiences…none from my (awesome) life.

Thanks to spring break this week I had a little extra time on my hands (perks of being a teacher!). I had several baking projects this week, but I think my favorite was an order for an Alice in Wonderland themed party. The host already had a pretty good idea of what she wanted and had also already been working on decorations, so it was pretty easy to hammer out the details for the cupcakes and cookies.

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes and Cookies
Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes and Cookies

The host had already obtained lace wrappers and cupcake toppers (which were super cute), so really all I had to do was select a flavor, wrapper color, and frosting color. Easy. I matched the wrapper to the purple toppers and did red frosting to match the deco. I went with brown sugar pound cake cupcakes because it’s a little different than standard vanilla, but still a crowd favorite.

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes and Cookies Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes and Cookies






The cookies were a bit of an experiment for me. I’ve used royal frosting before, but not for decorating sugar cookies. The cookies were supposed to be like the ones in the movie- the ones Alice eats and causes her to grow out of the house. Pretty simple in design since those were solid colors with “Eat me” and “Try me” written on them. They turned out they were supposed to, though I definitely learned some lessons on royal frosting consistency!!

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes and Cookies

I used Alton Brown’s recipe for the royal frosting, although if you make it according to the recipe the frosting isn’t thin enough to “flood” the cookies. I had to spread out some of the first batch (Still worked, just a little more time consuming). The second batch I added 3 cups of sugar instead of 4 and it worked a lot better. These type of cookies had always intimidated me slightly, but I enjoyed working on these. Basically I’m a sucker for adorable themes.Until next week!


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