Paleo Salted Caramel Fudge Bars

I received a food processor for Christmas last year. By that I mean I had asked for a processor forever and my family finally realized I was serious. I’m not engaged so therefore I can’t just register for one like all my friends do. But I did finally get one and I absolutely love it. One of the first things I made with it is almond butter. I kept hearing it was cheaper to make your own, so I did some price checking and realized this was true. I bought the almonds in the bulk food section, which saved me a little bit more. I was a bit mesmerized watching the processor the first time I made it.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

So after I made almond butter, I started thinking I should make a paleo dessert with it. Of course I google it, and come across several recipes for paleo almond butter fudge. I like fudge. This sounded like a good idea. I used this recipe, but didn’t add the mint. I like mint…however I had different plans with this batch. I doubled the batch because one batch didn’t make very much. Although that might not be a bad thing if you’ll be tempted to eat it all.

After I made the fudge, I made some of my paleo caramel. Another fantastic use of my processor. You can either spread the caramel on top or swirl it in with the fudge- your call. I kept mine in the freezer, or you could use the fridge. They definitely have to stay cool though because of the coconut oil. Easy no bake recipe, and you don’t have to feel quite as guilty while eating it!!

Are you sure these are paleo??
Are you sure these are paleo??

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