Girly Pink Birthday Cake

I skipped posting again last week. I’ve been terrible this month. In my defense I was in the midst of moving last weekend. I considered myself unpacked when I put my mixer up. I realized I was not unpacked when I had to get ready for work and had to dig through boxes to find work clothes and shoes. Still working on that one.

I've also been busy repainting furniture...channeling a lot of crafty over here
I’ve also been busy repainting furniture…channeling a lot of crafty over here

February is also rodeo season in Texas. I love everything about the rodeo (except the parking/traffic). It’s something everyone needs to experience. And in order to get the full experience you need to eat the deep fried oreos. You should probably run 10 miles before going so there’s less guilt in devouring these treats…but they are so worth it.

The Pink Girly Birthday Cake
The Girly Pink Birthday Cake

I know “Girly Pink Birthday Cake” is terribly vague and not very descriptive…but I had no idea what else to call this cake. I based the cake off of the party invite and I’m kind of obsessed with how simple and girly it looks. Decorating actually went pretty quick. I applied a crumb coat to cover the top of the cake and to make an even base on the sides.

I used my tip that is a very large circle (it’s not a wilton tip so it doesn’t have a number…think of a large version of Wilton #12). I applied 4 large dots in a column on the side of the cake. Using an offset spatula, I then “smeared” each dot. Repeat this all around the cake. Each new column you apply should slightly overlap the previous column. The last group gets a little tricky…so make sure you start on the back side of the cake just in case you have issues blending it together.

Pink Girly Birthday Cake

The canvas triangles for the banner I actually found in the scrapbook section. I thought I was going to have to cut the pieces myself, but this size was perfect! “Happy birthday” was too long to fit across the cake, so that’s why I just used her name. I love the color of the canvas with the pink. Sometimes simple is better!!

Pink Girly Birthday Cake


One thought on “Girly Pink Birthday Cake

  1. I love this cake! It is so cute. I want a reason to get cake just like this except maybe a different color but I love the decoration and the pendants 🙂

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