Owl Birthday Cake

Saturday mornings for me usually consist of working on squats and then going for a run (I lead a thrilling life, I know). Yesterday I was running late out the door (as I am every Saturday) and couldn’t find my armband for my ipod. Okay. Guess this run was going to be just me and the sounds of the suburb. Then I checked my gps watch and its battery was dead. This run went old school real fast. It was kind of nice though- running without any distractions. I actually enjoy running and not having all that technology I usually have stripped it back down to the basics. People usually give me a hard time for not being a people person, but one of my favorite parts of running on popular trails is to say “Hi” or “Good morning” to everyone I pass. So there- I can be social.

Half way through my run I came across a banana peel laying in the middle of the sidewalk. Is this real life Mario Kart? I can’t honestly say I’ve ever seen a banana peel on the ground like that, but I have played enough Mario Kart and seen enough cartoons to know that I should not step on it. Try again Bowser.

One of the reasons I was so scattered that morning was because I had stayed up late working on a cake the night before. I don’t work with elementary kids anymore, so I’m not entirely up to date on those trends, but apparently owls have become pretty popular amongst girls. I had a birthday cake for a 9 year old to do and was supplied with this party theme.

owl bday

I know the owl doesn’t seem like a feature of the theme, but I was told the birthday liked owls. I decided to make an owl cake that looked like the little orange guy on the invitations.

I baked two 10″ round cakes and two 6″ round cakes. They wanted chocolate and vanilla cake, so I made the “eyes”, or the two 6″ cakes, vanilla and the two 10″ cakes chocolate. Don’t worry…they wanted more chocolate. It’s best to make the 10″ cakes first because you need to freeze those. Cutting out the wings, feet, and top of the head is a LOT easier when the cake is frozen. One 10″ serves as the body, the eyes are the two 6″, and then from the second 10″ you cut out the wings, feet, and top of the head.

Ready for frosting.
Ready for frosting.

Little tip: you want the wings pretty close to the body. Or you can angle them way out like he’s flying…just remember you have to be able to frost in between the wings and the body! I used frosting to “glue” the extra pieces to the body. I wanted to star this whole cake so I put on a crumb coat layer first. Then I frosted the eyes since I didn’t want to star that part. After that, star away. I did the feet, pupils, and nose last.

Owl Birthday Cake

And there you have it. Owl cake. What a hoot.

Owl Birthday Cake Owl Birthday Cake


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