The “Inverted Frosting” Cupcake

January is a very slow month in regards to baking. Everyone is worn out from Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then you have a ton of people pretending to eat healthy for a month. I usually take January off from baking so I can keep my sanity and so no one accuses me of trying to wreck their resolutions. The stores are not so nice. They had Valentines candy out immediately after New Years. Pink and chocolate EVERYWHERE. But I digress. Due to this natural slow down, I hadn’t baked anything since Christmas. My oven and mixer were feeling neglected. So I decided to try something new just for kicks.

PS- I’m typing this with a homemade “mask” on my face. Pinterest makes me curious. There’s honey in it though, so it tastes good.

inverted cupcake

I call these “inverted” cupcakes because I don’t know what else to call it. The cupcake in its entirety isn’t inverted, just the frosting really. It would be less messier to transfer these nuggets because the majority of the frosting is on the inside. For those of you frosting lovers out there, calm down. It doesn’t look like there’s a lot of frosting in there but I assure you there is.

First you bake whatever cupcakes you want. Definitely pick something that rises well and holds together (isn’t too crumbly). Fill your baking cups just a little more than usual to ensure there will be enough top to cut off.

While those are baking, make whatever frosting you want. It needs to be thin enough to be sandwiched and fill the space you cut out.

After the cupcakes have cooled off, carefully slice the top of the cupcake off (flush with the edge of the wrapper). Use a cookie cutter to cut a design into the top. They really have cookie cutter for everything now, so go crazy.

Cookie cutter Cookie cutter

Frost your cupcake- it doesn’t have to look pretty. No one will see it! Just make sure it’s even. Then place the top back on to the cupcake. You might feel inclined to press it down, just place it. You can kind of see in the picture above that there was some depth in the heart I cut out. I filled this space using a Wilton 12 tip. Then you end up with frosting that’s even with the cupcake.

Cookie cutter Cookie cutter

These are so cute for holidays!! You can impress people with pink heart cupcakes around Valentines Day. This makes me want to go find more cute cookie cutters.

Look how artsy I am with my camera.
Look how artsy I am with my camera.

One last thing- I hate throwing cake away. So I had all these cute little hearts that I had cut out of the cupcakes. I stuck a stick in them and thought they were cute. You could definitely pour some baking chocolate over it and let it harden…more treats! Food for thought.


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