Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

This first week of the New Year was my last week of break. Somehow I managed to avoid any major commitments and actually had time to relax. I rang in the new year with great friends in sweat pants. I went wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends where I tried to channel the snarky opinionated friend every one sees on “Say Yes to the Dress”. And I competed in a partner crossfit competition. Oh, and I’ve also watched almost the complete two seasons of Game of Thrones. This is probably the most productive thing I’ve done.

My partner and I after the second workout
My partner and I after the second workout

After the competition we went to go out eat and watch the Texans game. ZZ Top was eating in a booth not too far from us. I mean, I’m pretty convinced it was him. I didn’t go up to him and say “Hey Billy, how’s it goin”, but I’m going to stand by my statement.

Today I have some fun cupcakes for you- Cat in the Hat cupcakes! This happened to be the theme for little Lucy’s first birthday party and her mom found pictures on pinterest of the cupcakes she wanted. Thank goodness for pinterest, makes my life easier.

Cat in the Hat Cupcakes
Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

To make the hats I used mini marshmallows and red candy melts. I was already using gumpaste for another project, so I cut out white circles to make the base of the hat while I had it out. I dipped a marshmallow into the the melted red candy, then placed it on the base. I did this three times (three marshmallows) because the Cat in the Hat has a tall hat. The candy melt acts like glue and holds it altogether. I did wait for each marshmallow to dry before adding another on top of it. Also, be careful in the marshmallows you pick out. They are not all created equally. Pick the ones that are cut flat on the top and bottom so that they stack easier, and pay attention to the diameter of each as some are skinnier than others.

They wanted red velvet cupcakes- which worked perfect because the theme was red and blue. I made blue frosting, topped it with red sprinkles, and then placed the hats on top!

Lucy's first cupcake- her first taste of sugar EVER
Lucy’s first cupcake- her first taste of sugar EVER

Don’t worry moms…the letters spelling out her name were removed before she tried to eat it. I know, I know. Keep pointy things away from kids. Even tooth picks.

Dr. Seuss is a super cute theme for a little kid’s birthday party. And classic. I might have to steal that idea one day.

Dr. Seuss Cupcakes


3 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

  1. Naw! Those cupcakes are so gorgeous! My grandmother also gave me my first taste of sugar when I was about Lucy’s age, and despite my mother trying to wean me off it, I’ve been a sweet tooth ever since 🙂 Your blog is beautiful… you have a new follower. Oh, and I’m a Game of Thrones fan too… I watched an entire series in two days a couple of months ago!!! x

    1. Thank you! Most of the time I don’t eat anything with sugar because of I eat paleo- but when I want a sweet I want the real thing! And I am SO excited Game of Thrones is starting next week 🙂

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