CrossFit Groom’s Cake

Boy meets girl at CrossFit. Boy proposes to girl at CrossFit. Boy asks for CrossFit groom’s cake. Actually I was told I could do whatever I wanted, just as long as it was chocolate and peanut butter. And then as an after thought, “if you could make it CrossFit somehow, that would be cool”. About three weeks before the wedding I realized I should probably plan this sucker out. I didn’t really have much experience with cakes that large, so it was a little intimidating. I decided to make two separate cakes- a jump box and a stack of plates, and then rice krispie treats shaped into a kettle bell and covered in fondant. Very simple in design, but recognizably CrossFit. Well for those that do CrossFit. At the wedding I overheard a lot of comments made by non-CrossFitters asking “What is Rogue? I think that’s supposed to be plates, like weights.”

CrossFit Cake
CrossFit Groom’s Cake. Or some Rogue publicity.

Due to the size of the jump box cake, I had to engineer some support in the cake. Gravity tends to take over when you have three layers of dense chocolate cake and lots of peanut butter filling. When you stack a tiered cake, you place dowel rods in the supporting layer and then place the next layer (that’s is on a cake board) on top. I did the same thing here, the layers were just the same size. HUGE thanks to my dad and his skill with a hack saw. Bet you didn’t think baking required knowledge of tools. This is why you have to be well-rounded ladies!!

Cake engineering
Cake engineering

Decorating these actually didn’t take as long as I thought. I did all of this after work one afternoon- baking and decorating. I was slightly impressed with myself.

Which one is real?!
Which one is real?!

When layering a cake, you have to level off each layer. If you’re lucky, you end up only slicing off a little bit off the top. But with 5 (large!) layers, I had a lot of extra cake and it hurts my heart to throw away good cake. So I layered the extra cake and frosting with Reese’s cups and called it a day. I gave a jar to the bride and groom so they wouldn’t have to fight for a piece at the wedding. Apparently my Grandmother didn’t get a piece of my Dad’s groom’s cake and she still won’t let that go.

Cake in a Jar
Cake in a jar…nom.

Congratulations to Michelle and Ryan- the wedding was a blast and a great celebration of the love between yall. Next week is Thanksgiving…time to get baking!


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