Despicable Me “Minion” Cupcakes

I think we can all agree that Pinterest has been rather successful. Mostly in regards to women wasting time. Some husband that wanted to watch football probably created Pinterest so that he could watch games in peace. It’s just an added bonus that everything on Pinterest leads to cleaning, cooking, and working out. I’ll admit I’m guilty of pinning, though I usually stick to the food. Some of the pins I see on there are so out there ridiculous that I have a hard time believing anyone would actually think “Oh that’s a great idea, I have to try this!!” Apparently I underestimate the Pinterest population. These are a few pins that make me scratch my head.

Sponge Bob Nails. And a matching outfit. NO ONE OVER THE AGE OF 8 SHOULD EVEN CONSIDER WEARING THIS. Even under 8 is debatable.
DIY Acorn Frame. Well good, I knew I was saving those acorns for a reason.
Because toilet paper art is practical and not a waste of time at all.
Alright..this kind of makes up for all the dumb stuff on there.

I do come across a lot of baking ideas. I had seen Minions cupcakes on there and then somebody asked if I could make some….”Of course! I saw that on Pinterest”. I made regular funfetti cupcakes with only blue and yellow sprinkles to match the minions. I cut twinkies in half and used black gel frosting in a tube to make the goggles/stick the eyes on.

Ready, set, decorate.

Yes, it is the easy way out to buy the tube frosting. Black frosting is a pain to make and the tube made it extremely easy to draw with. I also found candy eyes to stick on. I made the minions a day before I made the cupcakes. I think this worked better because the black gel frosting and eyes had a chance to set and would stay on better.

All minions are different, some have two eyes, some have one! They each got their own facial expression too.

Whenever your cupcakes are cool and ready to frost, pipe some frosting onto your cupcake. I spiraled from the inside out- I didn’t want a peak in the middle of the cupcake since the minion had to go there. Then I stuck the minion on top and ta-da! Guess Pinterest is useful for some things!

Army of Minions!!

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