Almond Joy Cupcakes

We had a little celebration in our family this week- Poppa B turned 60!! I didn’t so much as let him pick what kind of cake he wanted…but suggested/told him what I was going to bake. I usually make him german chocolate, but I wanted to try something new. I figured almond joy cupcakes still incorporated coconut and nuts, how could you lose?!

Almond Joy Cupcake
Almond Joy Cupcake

To be honest I don’t think I had ever tried an Almond Joy before. And then once I did, I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate them into the cupcake. I did not want random almonds in the batter (the consistency would weird me out), so I couldn’t just add an candy bar to each cupcake. I wasn’t too sure about just adding one on top of the cupcake either. I ended up cutting up some Almond Joys (throwing the almonds aside) and mixing it into the batter. The consistency of the bars allowed for them to actually be mixed in instead of staying in pieces. From there I made a coconut cream cheese frosting (think Italian Cream cake frosting minus pecans), and then dipped each cupcake into melted chocolate. I ALMOST forgot to top the cupcakes with almonds…and then there would have been no almonds in the Almond Joy cupcakes. Tragedy. I used salted almonds and I personally loved the contrast between that and the rest of the cake. But then, if you haven’t caught on by now…I love sweet and salty combos.

I used my standby chocolate cupcake recipe…of course. But don’t forget- I also added chopped up Almond Joys to the mix. Just throw those into the mixer at the end.

Almond Joy Cupcake
Ready to be dipped in chocolate!

To make the frosting…make cream cheese frosting, and then add about 1.5-2 cups coconut flakes. This frosting actually doesn’t need to be thick enough to pipe (unless you want to pipe it). I used a cookie dough scoop to make sure each cupcake got the same amount of frosting. I let the frosting set a bit before I dipped them…did not need frosting falling off and pushing me closer to a heart attack.

Almond Joy Cupcake
Mmmmmm just like the candy bar.

To finish these babies off, melt baking chocolate and then dip the cupcake in enough to completely cover the coconut cream cheese frosting. Then immediately sprinkle some almonds on top. The first two I dipped did NOT look pretty. I was sad. But I played around with it and managed to make it look pretty. Although I’m starting to think I should just create a bakery of ugly delicious treats. The good stuff doesn’t always taste pretty. You’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover anyways…I’d be teaching life lessons with cupcakes. Anyways. Almond Joy cupcakes = HUGE success. You should totally make some.

Almond Joy Cupcake


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