“Vintage” Cupcake Stand

My old roommate got married a few months ago and of course I volunteered my baking services. This is old news. But when I visited her recently, she told me she had a surprise for me. I was perplexed, mainly because it wasn’t anywhere near my birthday. It turns out she wanted to give me something for all the baking I did for her wedding. Being the crafty gal she is, she tracked down three separate plates and two goblets to create a cupcake stand.

Vintage Cupcake Stand

The plates she found were vintage looking floral plates and a scalloped-edged plate. Basically, I was kind of obsessed. I thought it was adorable. And I was slightly jealous that I had been unsuccessful in my hunt for cute plates to do the same thing. Regardless, I now have a super cute cupcake stand!

Cupcake Stand
Seriously…I love the edges of the middle plate.

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