Italian Cream Cake

I know I’ve posted Italian Cream Cake cupcakes before, but this past weekend I made an actual Italian Cream Cake. Like four layers, whole shebang cake. I decided to try an entirely different recipe for the cake, really just because. I’m glad I did because this one was a winner. I could tell that when I taste-tested the extras I cut off when torting the layers (Sometimes that’s the only way I get to try a cake, it’s a good thing cakes don’t bake even!) I ended up using a recipe I found here, except I didn’t add pecans to the batter. That’s just my own personal preference, it’s a texture thing. I saved the pecans for the frosting!

Italian Cream Cake
Can you really go wrong with 4 layers?! No.

Their recipe says to fill 3 pans, however I eyeballed it and thought that wouldn’t work. I divided the batter between 2 8 inch pans and it was perfect. Once the cakes cooled, I cut each one in half and layered them with coconut cream cheese filling. Still no pecans! I made the filling thinner so that it would spread easier. I then covered the whole cake in cream cheese frosting (just cream cheese frosting, no coconuts or pecans). And then FINALLY I poured in the coconut and pecans into the remaining frosting, making it thin enough to spread easily. My plan was to add an extra layer of the coconut pecan frosting to the top of the cake, and then pipe some pretty border with the cream cheese frosting. Well that failed. Instead I blended the coconut pecan in with the cream cheese that was already on there, to create sort of a fade on the side of the cake. Honestly, I don’t think it would have mattered what this cake looked like because it got RAVE reviews. They told me it was one of the best I had ever made. And this group is made up of some of my most committed taste testers. So if you’re even entertaining the idea of making this cake…you should probably just go ahead and do it.

Italian Cream Cake
Italian Cream Cake

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