Aggie Basketball Jersey Cake

One of my recent projects was to create an Texas A&M basketball jersey cake. No big deal, basketball jerseys are pretty simple to cut. However maroon and black frosting tastes TERRIBLE. Well the color gel tastes terrible. I couldn’t honestly frost an entire cake in maroon frosting and live with it, so I opted for a white jersey with maroon and black detail. Another catch with this cake is that it had to be gluten free. Not paleo, just gluten free. Thank goodness for google. It wasn’t too hard to find a gluten free recipe that looked like it would work for a sheet cake. I was told the birthday boy liked “chocolate with more chocolate”, so I chopped some semi-sweet chocolate up and tossed it in the batter for good measure. If you haven’t tried that with a chocolate cake, you should. Little melted creamy bites of chocolate in the middle of the cake….delectable.

Aggie Basketball Jersey Cake
Birthday boy’s last name across the top, with his age as the number. I was real close to taking a few years off…I figured he wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t 😉

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