Red Velvet Cupcake In a Jar

People often ask me what my most popular flavors are. Red velvet is hands down one of my most requested flavors. Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy red velvet as much as the next person, but it surprises me how many people say it’s their favorite. It’s not vanilla, but there’s not enough cocoa in it to consider it chocolate. It’s red because of flavorless colored gel. Back in the day, red velvet got it’s name from a chemical reaction between the buttermilk and vinegar which brought out the red from the cocoa. During World War II, cooks used beets (due to rations) to enhance the color. Hello history lesson. But regardless, people keep coming back for the red velvet.

Red Velvet Cupcakes
I make several orders of these a month. I don’t think people are aware of other flavors.

At some point I had the notion to add a chocolate ganache filling to my red velvet cupcakes. People freaked out. I mean really freaked out. Like they would take a bite and then tell me they would need a moment with the cupcake. I’ve heard a lot of inappropriate responses too, which just makes me laugh. It’s funny what people will say when eating a cupcake. But where I was going with this is that I can’t make a plain red velvet anymore. People have heard about “this cupcake” and they want the “magical center”, that “bite of heaven”. People have actually used those words when ordering cupcakes.

Red Velvet Cupcake
Someone please hand me a spoon.

My friend requested red velvet cupcakes for her birthday. We happen to have a lot of jars on hand for homemade habanero jelly, so I decided to try the whole cupcake in a jar thing. (Note: there were no habaneros near the cupcakes!) Honestly, I think that’s an awesome gift. I went to a wedding where the favor was a cupcake in a jar, and I may or may not have ate the whole thing on the way home. So I decided to make one for the birthday girl. I cut a cupcake in half, then put in one layer, layered some chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting on next, and then repeated. Two halves didn’t quite fill the jar, so I used another half to finish it off.

Ode to a Cupcake
I found this madlib card that was all about cupcakes. She filled it out after a couple of margs, pretty entertaining.
Birthday Girl
Birthday girl with her cupcake in a jar. Much easier to transport than a cake!

I guarantee you NO ONE would complain if you gave them a cupcake in a jar. Especially if it’s red velvet. But let’s be honest…people are generally happy with whatever flavor you give them.


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