Sombrero Cake

Wondering why someone requested a sombrero cake? It might have been all my idea. I was told the flavor and then I could do whatever “design” I wanted, but it had to be a cake. For once I was at a complete loss. I had nothing to go off of. After exhausting a few ideas, I started to look into “Mexican themed” cakes because the dinner would be at a Mexican restaurant. One google image search led me to sombreros. When I was growing up, my mom made me a Barbie cake pretty much every year- her skirt was the cake, and then you stuck a Barbie in the top so it looked like a big Barbie doll. Well my mom still had that cake pan. Idea: use the skirt mold as the crown of the hat, and a big circle pan for the brim.

Barbie Skirt Cake Pan
It bakes upside down. It’s an odd looking cake pan.

Fortunately both cakes baked like they were supposed to and all that was left was to assemble them and frost it. I mean that sounds like a lot to do, but I breathe a lot easier when the cake is flipped out of the pan and cooled off. I wasn’t entirely sure how to tackle putting this cake together, but I decided to frost the “brim” and then add the top part. It might have been easier to just put a thin layer between the top and bottom and then frost it all at once…but the way I did it worked. And don’t worry, I went back and smoothed out the bottom layer.

Sombrero Cake
Halfway there.

Piping decorations onto the hat was actually pretty easy. I used the flat part of the “brim” to write Happy Birthday (or should I say, Feliz Cumpleanos). I chose bright colors because, well sombreros are known for being wonderfully bright and tacky. After I took the final picture, I did add more of a hat band in a fuchsia color. But my camera died so there is no photographic evidence of that. Oops.

Sombrero Cake
Ay ay ay!!

I thought the cake would be too big for the number of people I was told, but there wasn’t any leftover cake. I couldn’t really control the size of the cake due to the cake pans…it had to be what it was! I ended up using a 14″ cake pan for the brim…any smaller and I don’t think it would have been wide enough. Ole!


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