Italian Cream Cupcakes

I’ve tried my hand at Italian Cream Cupcakes before, but was not really pleased with the results. They tasted good enough but aesthetically I wasn’t satisfied. So when an order for a bridal shower requested Italian Cream cupcakes, I was excited to try them again.

Italian Cream Cupcakes
Italian Cream Cupcakes

A big difference between Italian Cream cake and other types of cakes is that it requires a lot of eggs and it also requires that you separate the yolks from the whites. You then whip the egg whites and fold them into the batter at the end. This gives you light fluffy cupcakes, but also means the batter is more sensitive! Honestly, it amazes me how much the appearance and texture of egg whites changes as you whip it. Props to whoever thought of doing that in the first place.

Italian Cream Cupcakes
Whipped egg whites

I ended up using a recipe I found over at Table for Two. Her recipe is for a cake, however if you read her post you’ll find that she used it to make cupcakes as well. She was able to make 14 cupcakes with half the recipe, I ended up with 30 using the original recipe. The only issue I had was that the cupcakes sunk a little as they cooled. However in this situation it worked out perfectly! Italian Cream frosting contains coconut and pecans, and therefor is not a stiff frosting that lends itself to piping. So I made traditional Italian Cream frosting and scooped it into the nicely formed “bowl” of each cupcake.

Italian Cream Cupcakes
Convenient little scoops!

I made some regular cream cheese frosting, matched the color to the napkins provided to me, and piped a border around the Italian Cream frosting. So they may not look like traditional Italian Cream cake, but they definitely taste like it! The hosts of the shower sent me a picture of the cupcakes after they had them set up. I love seeing my cupcakes set up! The other cupcakes in the picture are Texas Sheet Cake cupcakes, I’ll save those for another post!

Italian Cream Cupcakes
Cupcakes at the shower.

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