Gender Reveal Cake

Gender reveal cakes seem to be the new trendy thing to do. Have a big party and tell everyone what you’re having (sounds like a lot more fun than a baby shower if you ask me). When my friend Jodie shared with me that she was pregnant, after congratulating her and everything I immediately asked if I could do the gender reveal cake. I didn’t even really ask if that was something they wanted to do or not…I pretty much just signed myself up for it. I had to keep her pregnancy a secret for over month until they told everyone, so I figured it was a fair trade!

Gender Reveal Cake
Boy or girl?!?

I first met Jodie and her husband, Stephen, when they started working out at the same gym as me last summer. I tend to be on the shy side, while Jodie is most certainly not. And Jodie didn’t care that I was. We quickly became friends, albeit slightly competitive friends. Jodie is one of those people where I don’t even have to tell her things- she just knows and says the right thing anyways. Fast forward to this past spring, when Jodie and I were in the middle of an intense swim workout (read chatting while using the kickboards) and Jodie informs me she is preggers. Fast forward again to last week when she had her appointment to find out if it was a boy or girl. Everyone had been saying they thought it was a boy, even I thought that. Jodie’s mom called me after the appointment and asked me if I had any blue. So yes- everyone was right and they are having a boy!

Gender Reveal Cake
Yes, those are sprinkles in there. She wanted funfetti.

The cake turned out a really nice bright blue, no questions about what that baby is! The hard part was making sure not even a crumb was showing through the frosting, that there wasn’t any possible way for them to figure out what the inside of the cake was until they cut it. I decorated the cake with white and green frosting, since I knew the nursery was green and the party decorations would be green. And Jodie hates the whole cheesy idea of baby blue and pink. I also made them some almond cupcakes with blueberry frosting so they would have something to snack on instead of digging into the cake before the party.

Gender Reveal Cake
It’s a boy!!

I really wish I could have been there when they cut the cake, but unfortunately I had another wedding to be in. Jodie and Stephen were pretty excited to find out they were having a boy though (they already had a name picked out for a boy, but not one for a girl). When Jodie first saw the cake, she texted me saying that a year ago she would have never have thought I would be the one who knew the sex of her baby before her, and that she got emotionally stupid when she saw the cake. She blamed it on hormones. I love baking for events like this that mean so much to people. Especially for people that mean so much to me!


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