Wedding Cupcakes and Cake Pops

This past weekend I was involved with another wedding. The set up for this one was a little bit different- all the festivities would take place at a ranch. Being part of the bridal party, I got to stay on the ranch for the whole weekend. Which was pretty awesome. This meant that the rehearsal dinner was also taking place on the ranch. The bride and groom had tasted the caterer’s dessert choices months ago and decided they didn’t like it, so I was asked to do cupcakes instead. I let the bride and groom each choose a flavor. The bride chose mint chocolate, and the groom requested anything that was better than the bride’s cupcake. I ended up choosing brown sugar pound cake for his flavor because it would be a good alternative for those who don’t care for chocolate. Although let’s be honest- who is NOT a fan of chocolate. The mint chocolate cupcakes turned out DELICIOUS!!! I decided to bake my standby chocolate cupcake, fill them with a creamy mint chocolate ganache, and top it off with mint buttercream frosting. Oh my. It’s like an Andes mint in cupcake form.

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes
An Andes on top finished it off perfectly!!

The cupcakes were a HUGE hit at dinner. People were grabbing them before it was “dessert” time and the mother of the groom was actually disappointed she didn’t have more extras.

Rehearsal Dinner Cupcakes
The Dessert Table

In addition to the cupcakes, I also made cake pops for the wedding favors. In my opinion…edible favors are the BEST! I once got a cupcake in a jar from a wedding and I thought it was genius. The flavor of choice for this wedding was funfetti. I think it’s funny how many adults claim funfetti as their favorite flavor, but hey it’s tasty so I don’t blame them. I opted to leave out the sprinkles, or the “fun” of funfetti if you will. I didn’t think it would go with the look the bride was trying to achieve.

Wedding Favor Cake Pops

Wrapping these individually definitely took some time, but they turned out to be really cute.

Wedding Favor Cake Pops

The bride had a vintage suitcase to put the cake pops in for guests to take as they left. It was adorable! The groomsmen tried to track down the extras the next morning only to be told that there were none left. Apparently people started grabbing fistfuls of them!

Wedding Favor Cake Pops/Vintage Suitcase
Cute presentation

All in all it was a successful weekend! I’m looking forward to having more time to play around and experiment this summer, be on the look out for new flavors!


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