Kyle Field Groom’s Cake Pops

Shockingly enough, this past weekend I was part of another wedding. I met the bride during college (we were forced to be partners on a project), and we have been friends ever since. Several months ago the groom approached me and asked if I would bake for his groom’s cake. When he told me what he was thinking, I was a little hesitant. He wanted to build a model of Kyle Field (the football stadium at Texas A&M for those who don’t know), and fill it with cake balls. It seemed like a big project that would either be awesome and not work out at all. So I told him if he could build it, I could bake it. Well, it turned out AWESOME!!!

Kyle Field Groom's Cake

I made 4 different flavors of cake balls- red velvet, wine cake, oreo, and chocolate. Each flavor was decorated a certain way so people would know what flavor they were eating. Although I’m pretty sure most people didn’t check or care which flavor it was, they just grabbed what they could!!

Kyle Field Groom's Cake
L-R: Wine cake, chocolate, red velvet, oreo

The end product ended up being a huge hit! I had friends calling and messaging me because they had seen it somewhere and managed to figure out that I had done it. Huge credit to the guys for building an amazing model.

Kyle Field Groom's Cake
The big screen actually played a slide show of the couple.
Kyle Field Groom's Cake
And the field lights worked!!

Kyle Field Groom's Cake

At one point in the evening I overheard strangers in the restroom talking about how good the cake balls were- now that’s an awesome feeling!! I am so happy I could do this for my friends and be a part of their wedding!

Kyle Field Groom's Cake
Gig em!

6 thoughts on “Kyle Field Groom’s Cake Pops

  1. Hi Courtney,
    This is a crazy request, I know, but my fiance really wanted a Kyle Field groom’s cake, and we were planning to build something similar to this!! Is there any way possible that someone still has this stand intact and would be willing to let us borrow/rent it?? Because that would be AMAZING. Beyond amazing. Plus I have guests coming to the wedding from all corners of Texas, so we can work that out. Feel free to text me – 972.741.8633.

    1. Actually I’ve already discussed renting out “the Field” with the guy who made it because I’m using it for another wedding in December. The stickers on the side can be replaced to say whatever you want (this couple had “Congratulations”, the date, and their names on the side scoreboards). If you want you can email me at with exactly what you want. I’ll talk to the owner of it and see what he says!

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