Pineapple Amaretto Cupcakes

When I was little I thought amaretto was an ice cream topping. Really. My mom loves amaretto and while I added M&M’s to my ice cream, she put amaretto on hers. It took me awhile to realize amaretto was actually alcohol. One of my mom’s favorite cocktails happens to be amaretto and pineapple juice (by the time I learned this I was caught up on what amaretto was), so when I got the request of “whatever, I like pineapple” my mind immediately went to pineapple amaretto cupcakes.

Pineapple Amaretto Cupcakes
So. Good.

I used a recipe from Martha Stewart (her cupcake book is amazing by the way), and actually used the recipe for the filling as well. I don’t think the filling worked entirely the way it was supposed to, but it tasted delicious so who cares. I first decided to make these for a friend’s birthday, but word spread pretty quick about a new flavor and I soon had more requests.

Pineapple Amaretto Cupcakes
You could try these without the filling...but you would REALLY be missing out!

I stuck to Martha’s recipes for the cake and filling but I did make up my own frosting. I made cream cheese frosting, and then added a pretty generous amount of amaretto. Yeah it’s as good as it sounds. I ended up making these for a baby shower as well, so I got to make pink girly baby cupcakes. Precious.

Pineapple Amaretto Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Pineapple Amaretto Cupcakes
Seriously...I could eat the filling by the spoonful.

I happen to come across an incredibly cute bib that I couldn’t resist getting for the new baby girl, and it just so happen to match an equally adorable tutu. I figured if anyone was going to start her on tutus, it would be me.

Baby Shower Gift
Keep the cupcakes coming!!

So yes, another cupcake based off an alcoholic drink is a success. My mom happens to call her pineapple-amaretto drink a “bend-me-over”, and that’s what I decided to call this cupcake. Yes, it is slightly inappropriate, but I feel like it fits right in with the other alcoholic cupcakes. Cheers!


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