Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

I came across this cupcake idea months ago and have been itching to try them ever since. Creme eggs are one of my favorite candies and have been ever since I was little. My birthday is at the end of March and consequently always near Easter, so growing up I always received creme eggs for my birthday. I remember a certain incident of an Easter egg hunt at our park and devouring a creme egg immediately upon finding it, a melted creme egg that is. I ended up with melted chocolate and creme all over me.

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes
Just place them on top- you don't have to cover them!

So now that we all know how much I love these little nuggets, let’s get to the cupcake. You can use any cupcake recipe for this. I chose to make my default chocolate cupcakes because I knew the batter would be thick enough to hold up the egg (That recipe is here). I kept the frosting simple too, because the focus here is the creme egg, and made a vanilla buttercream frosting. The key to these cupcakes is freezing the creme eggs so that they stay intact while baking. All you do is fill your cupcake tin, place an egg in each cup, and then bake!! I wouldn’t put as much batter in each cup as you normally do. I put just a little less than I usually do and they turned out perfect. You’re placing a good sized candy in there- that takes up some space so you need less batter!

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes
Drooling yet?

These were rich and delicious and everything my inner 7 year old would want in a cupcake. It tastes exactly like what you would think a creme egg cupcake would taste like!! Fair warning- if you’re not a huge fan of creme eggs, you probably won’t be too crazy about these. When making these I filled a few cupcakes with Reese’s peanutbutter eggs instead of the creme eggs and OH MY!!! Another fantastic combination. You could really freeze any candy and fill a cupcake with it…can we say endless possibilities??


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