Strawberry and Chocolate Cupcakes

I realized that I have yet to write a cupcake post. Blasphemy. But it’s all good- I have TWO cupcake flavors for you today. This was one of the all too common situation of “I need a couple dozen of cupcakes and I don’t care what flavor”.  As far as I’m concerned, the combinations of cupcakes and frosting and fillings are infinite. So choosing two is quite difficult for me. However, I decided that a strawberry cupcake and a chocolate cupcake would satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. And then they asked the question that I get oh so often- “Can you add in whatever filling that is you do..?”. Hm. Somewhere I made the (genius) mistake of adding a chocolate ganache filling to my red velvet cupcakes and ever since then people want it in everything. I decided to mix it up a bit though and filled the strawberry cupcakes with a white chocolate ganache.

How the magic happens

That cupcake corer is well worth the $2 investment (cough you should go get one). The strawberry cupcakes are definitely a lighter flavor as the chocolate cupcakes are pretty rich. For some reason chocolate cupcakes were the most difficult for me to hammer out a go-to recipe…but awhile back I finally settled on a Devil’s Food chocolate recipe that I personally love.


That’s another necessity in my kitchen- tiered cooling racks. Amazing space saver. You should probably be writing this down. I was requested to do “the swirly rose” when frosting these, which is really just piping from the inside out instead of the “standard” outside in. I imagine if you cut one of each in half, and then put two of the separate halves together- you’d have one awesome chocolate-covered strawberry type cupcake going on. I might have to experiment with that later.

Chocolate and Strawberry Cupcakes

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