Archeology Cake

You’re probably wondering what the heck an “Archeology Cake” is. I was also intrigued when I was first approached to bake this project. One of the local schools cooked up this idea- to have a cake represent the different layers of earth/soil and bury various “artifacts” into the cake. The students would then receive a piece of “Earth”/cake, and dig away like little archeologists to uncover the artifacts. That’s right- these kids not only get to dig through cake with their hands, they get to eat it too! Lucky. I was provided the artifacts prior to baking, and I’ll admit to laughing when I saw them. It’s not too often I bake cakes with dinosaur bones and dominoes in them.

Fact: Dominoes are as old as dinosaurs.

The actual cake needed to be 3 layers- each a different type of cake. Like I mentioned before, each layer is supposed to be a different layer of soil/dirt. I decided to go with a spice cake as the top layer, followed by red velvet, and finally chocolate as a base. I wasn’t given any specific details on what colors the layers should be or if they should accurately represent layers of the Earth, but I’m a nerd so I had to have some order and that seemed like a natural progression.

Why hello there triceratop.

So we have 3 layers of delicious cake with toys buried in them, held together with creamy frosting. Like I said before…these kids are lucky. The cake itself wasn’t supposed to be frosted, but I went ahead and added a top layer. I chopped up some caramel to make it look like rocks (I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with these kids and the inevitable sugar high this cake will bring). I was pleased with the final product- I was little concerned because there were a lot of artifacts to fit in, but by golly I got them all in there!

Oh look- somebody already started digging!

I’m slightly jealous my teachers never thought to do this.


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