Laser Tag Cake

Even though EVERY ONE eats cake, it seems like it’s a lot easier to make a girly looking cake. You know, frosting flowers, swirls, the whole shebang. However this week I was asked to do a laser tag cake for a boy turning 7. I happen to love laser tag (and am pretty good at it in case you’re wondering) so I was happy to take on this task.  First round did NOT go so well though.


I’ll be honest. I stood there staring at that mess for a few minutes, contemplating just diving in and eating it. But thankfully will power prevailed. Being on the whole30 actually made this a little bit easier because it’s not as hard to say “ABSOLUTELY NOT” than “okay maybe just a little bit..”. We all know “just a little bit” is never just that! But don’t worry- my brother graciously stepped up, taste tested it for me, and gave it two thumbs up. Instead of divulging in cake, I ate this.

Delicious mess of veggies and garlic aioli

File that under “stuff I cook all the time but would never serve anyone else”. Anyways. Obviously I had to whip up another cake, which didn’t take long thanks to my lovely new mixer Ruthie. Yeah, I named it. Thankfully this cake was disaster free and I was able to finish it without any further issues.

Laser Tag Cake

And because I hate to waste anything, I used the failed cake to make cake pops for my brother to take back to school. Everyone wins!!

Lovely bites of heaven

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