Sassy New Year

Well Happy New Year!! I was blessed to be a part of my friend’s wedding on New Year’s Eve and I think it’s safe to say we did a pretty good job at ringing in the new year. 2011 was a great year for me- I accomplished more than I ever thought I could do (between marathons and triathlons), traveled to some pretty neat places (Istanbul, Washington DC, Nashville), and met some AMAZING new friends. The Sassy Apron was also a product of 2011! I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store- and with that said, the rest of this post is slightly difficult to write!

Counting down to 2012

I’m about to embark on the Whole30- that means 30 days without grains and dairy or anything processed (To get the lowdown on the Whole30 visit How does a BAKER do this?! I have my own personal reasons for doing this, but how am I supposed to bake during these 30 days without ever tasting what I’m baking?

Here’s how I see it. Baking is a science, cooking is an art. I say that because measurements need to be pretty accurate when baking (excluding ingredients like spices or even extracts). Otherwise you could end up with super dense cakes, cakes that don’t rise, and all sorts of ugliness. Where I’m going with this is that baking is not like cooking where you taste it and adjust accordingly- me tasting the batter will probably only result in me eating more batter! Let’s be honest- no one can taste batter and say, “this needs more baking powder”. That would be awesome…but that’s not how it works!!

Can't touch this!

I will confess that making frosting will probably the hardest challenge. I don’t use recipes for frosting and just add ingredients until I get the consistency and flavor I want. Obviously it will be a little hard to tell the flavor just from looking at it!! But when it came down to it- I was not going to let FROSTING dictate the decisions I made in other areas of my life. So…I’ll just have to utilize all my taste testers for that.

I got a new calendar for Christmas and that picture happens to be “January”. Sassy yet slightly appropiate?

Even though I’m not allowing those foods into my diet for the next 30 days (and when I say diet, I mean the way I eat- not a temporary eating plan), I am not saying I will NEVER eat those foods again. When I crave something (cough cupcake cough), I eat it. I mean you have to indulge yourself every now and then! I love baking and enjoy sharing it with others. I felt like I needed to explain what I was committing to during January because I figured it would work it’s way into a post somewhere. Don’t worry- I will still be baking and sharing my adventures! I’m curious as to how this will affect my baking, it should be interesting! On that note…any volunteers for taste testers?!


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