The Day After Christmas

Generally speaking, the baking and cooking screeches to a halt after all the Christmas meals. Mostly because people stop eating once they enter a food coma. However my sister’s birthday is the day after Christmas…so we get to do it all over again! My parents created some rule when we were little that we could never celebrate her birthday in conjunction with Jesus’, so we get double the celebration. Anyways, of course I am in charge of the cake. Because she wants a cake- NOT cupcakes.

I decided to go with Martha Stewart’s vanilla cake, though some Limoncello liqueur may have slipped in there in the process (she IS turning 21!).

To my surprise my sister suggested a PINK cake (very out of character for her) so I decided to go with a strawberry cream cheese filling  (this is primarily because I had some leftover from some strawberry cupcakes I did). I made some pink Limoncello buttercream frosting to complete the whole strawberry/lemon theme. And voila! First cake I made with my new mixer! It works amazing by the way- I think I’m in love.



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